About Us

The Travelers Store is an online outdoor super store! With over 1000 products and counting! If you like adventuring or traveling we have a product for you! The best part, we offer everything at a discounted price to help you out! So get out there, explore, and be a Modern Traveler!


Casey Piester, Co-Founder:

Casey was born in San Diego, Ca but moved to Florida at the age of two. He grew up spending his time outdoors and living the Florida lifestyle. After graduating from the University of North Florida with a degree in Sports Management and Marketing, Casey started to work with co-founder Matt on developing the Travelers Store. He is the co-founder of The Modern Traveler and the Travelers Store. He has years of experience in the retail and service industry with a focus on customer service and management. His background in customer service and management in these fields have helped him maintain a competitive yet personable approach to business. Casey is driven by his passion to learn and to create content. Throughout his adult life Casey has worked in a variety of roles within the service industry varying from sales associate to manager. Casey is passionate about exploring the world and has been to destinations such as Greece, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Costa Rica. Along with traveling Casey enjoys surfing, fishing, and all things adventure!



Matthew Spanburg, Co-Founder

Matt was born in Florida but at a young age moved to the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri where he would finish school and then move back to Florida for college. As a child, Matt loved the outdoors and was always looking for an adventure. Growing up on a ranch right on a lake, there was always something to do! His dad (an eagle scout) and mother (who loved the outdoors) always pushed him to be outside and try different sports. Growing up on a lake, he was constantly on the water. At the age of 10 years old Matt discovered the sport of wake-boarding and traveled the country competing and acquired sponsorships by some of the largest water sports companies. Matt feels that traveling will teach you and shape you more as a person than any classroom could ever do! This is the exact reason he decided to start the Travelers Store. At an early age he found out how expensive camping gear can be and he believed there was no reason for why things should cost so much money. So he researched and researched and found manufactures that made the same products at a much more affordable price where he could pass the saving onto the customers! Helping people keep money in their pocket, so they could afford to travel more, thats what being a modern traveler is all about!